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Instructor Bio - Cheryl Crawford

Superior School of Real Estate

Cheryl Crawford is currently an active Licensed North Carolina Broker with an extensive background specializing in commercial and real estate development. She began her career as a residential agent, working her up the ranks to being "Top Sales Agent of the Year" within the firm she was associated.

After obtaining a sound basis of knowledge and experience Cheryl started her own company specializing in commercial and real estate development in 2003, starting with initial land acquisitions to full scale multimillion dollar developments.

Cheryl, being a former high school teacher and coach, provides her students with an opportunity for a practical learning environment. The combination of her real estate experiences and her background in teaching allows her students to have the beginning tools necessary for their preparation for success in the real estate field.

In keeping up with current real estate trends, Cheryl is also a member of the Charlotte Regional Realtors Association, the National Association of Realtors and the North Carolina Real Estate Educators Association.

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